Steven Latta
Director of Photography
Additional Work


Mad Full of Dreams Blackmagic CC Kevin Baggot
The Stockroom Red One MX Victor Cruz
7 Lovers Red One MX Keith Boynton
The Bruning Bride Red One MX Chris Funderburg


Commercials/ Corporate/ Webseries:

Brother commercial C300 Spot On NYC
South Nassau Community Hospital info FS700 Spot On NYC
Lolipup Kickstarter video 7D Dina Srinivasan
Gruneberg Kelly Della theater spot Red Epic Fight On Entertainment
Intel Killscreen spot BMCC Estelle Artus
Happy Hour Feminism Sony FS700 Anna Feshbyn
Eat the Rabbit pilot Red One MX Gwen Butler
Running With Friends Red Epic Zynga
Downtown Girls Season 2 Red One MX Emebeit Beyene


Short Films:

Dolores Red Epic Voy Media
Simoune C300 Praise Odigie
Stomach Troubles Red Scarlet Lisa Romagnoli
The Applicant Red Epic Okke Rutte
The Fortunate Red Epic Adam Koblenz
Pee Sitting Down C300 Misha Calvert
Capetown 7D Crystal Boyd
Rhapsody in Blue Red Scarlet Difan Wu
Bolder Red Scarlet Joseph Rishe
Speechless Red Scarlet Joshua Payne
Future Assassin Alexa Studio Yunus Shahul
Eulogy Red Scarlet Zachary Baum
Maneula Red One MX Carlos Baptista
Remember to Forget Red Scarlet Antonio LeFosse
Denial Red Epic Yunus Shahul
Unrequited Love Red One MX Yunus Shahul
Firebird Red One MX Zachary Baum