Steven Latta
Director of Photography
Additional Work


Then What Happens Red One MX Galia Barkol
The Stockroom Red One MX Victor Cruz
7 Lovers Red One MX Keith Boynton
The Bruning Bride Red One MX Chris Funderburg
According to Her BMCC Estelle Artus


Commercials/ Corporate/ Webseries:

MTV Decoded Red Scarlet MTV
McGraw-Hill economics lectures 5DMIII McGraw-Hill
TimeHop 90's Red Scarlet TimeHop
Discovery Channel Brothers Green BMCC Discovery Channel
PBS Space event FS700 PBS-Google
MTV Decoded- Simpler Times Red Scarlet MTV
100 Years of Denim Red Scarlet Vanity Fair
Ruder Finn Testimonial video C100 Ruder Finn
103 Years of Extreme Hair Red Scarlet Vanity Fair
Conde Nast Tech Guts Musket vs AR15 Blackmagic CC Conde Nast
Conde Nast Tech Guts Virtual vs Occulus Blackmagic CC Conde Nast
MTV Decoded Spot the Muslim Red Scarlet MTV
MTV Decoded Red Scarlet MTV
Gruneberg Kelly Della theater spot Red Epic Fight On Entertainment
Intel Killscreen spot BMCC Estelle Artus
Englishness Red Scarlet Glamour Magazine
Psychology of Gossip Red Scarlet Vanity Fair
Types of Dates Red Scarlet Cone Nast/ Glamour
History of the Bra Red Scarlet Glamour Magazine
Data Attack- How Average Are You? Red Scarlet Wired Magazine
Emirates Airlines Soccer team promo C100 LPZ Media
Google Deep Focus testing C100 Google
MSL Group interview 5DMII MSL Group
Weather Channel- 3 Scientists Walk into a Bar Red Scarlet The Weather Channel
MTV Decoded- Where are you from? Red Scarlet MTV
MTV Decoded- Donald Trump Red Scarlet MTV
MTV Decoded- Halloween Costumes Red Scarlet MTV
MTV Decoded- ComicCon Red Scarlet MTV
MTV Decoded- Inside Out parody Red Scarlet MTV
420 Comedians Red Scarlet MTV
Data Attack- Coporate Theft Red Scarlet Wired Magazine
Sex Education Red Scarlet Wired Magazine
Engender promotional Red Scarlet Engender
Echoing Green 5DMII Echoing green
Noy Spa promotional 5DMII Noy Spa
Siggy's resturant promo 5DMII Giovanni Almonte
Echoing Green promotional 5DMII Echoing Green
Marsh Insurance promo 5DMII March/ MSL Group
Wisebanyan promo Red One MX Cheap:Labor:BK
Center for Disease Control advert 5DMII CDC
PayPal promo Red One MX Paypal
Investing in the Future 5DMII Kornhaber Brown
Little Free Libraries 5DMII Ryland McIntyre
NYC by Design 5DMII Kornhaber Brown
McMaster Carr Red Scarlet Kornhaber Brown
AutoZone Red Epic Myste River Enterprises
UCP Breast Cancer Awareness Red One MX UCP of NYC
UCP Womens Health Awareness 5DMII UCP of NYC
Eat the Rabbit pilot Red One MX Gwen Butler
Downtown Girls Season 2 Red One MX Emebeit Beyene


Reality TV:

All About Anita C100 Alto Media Oy



Untitled Women In Hollywood documentary C300 Creative Choas VMG
The Four Seasons restaurant documentary C300 Creative Choas VMG
Untitled Health Care project C300 Creative Choas VMG
Carnegie Hall NYO tour BMCC Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Hall Jazz Masterclass C100 Carnegie Hall
Carnegie Hall Music Teacher Workshop 5DMII Carnegie Hall
Murder Rap- Tupac documentary Red One MX MIke Dorsey
Carnegie Hall NYO tour 5DMII Carnegie Hall
World Civic Orchestra 5DMII WCO



Ilse Gevaert "I Am Human" Red Epic Dario Calmese
Niyola "Toh Bad" Red One MX Kemi Adetiba
Katt Rockwell EPK 5DMII Robert Sweeting
Myah Scavo EPK 5DMII Robert Sweeting


Short Films:

Relapse Red Epic Zader Padget
Dolores Red Epic Voz Productions
Stomach Troubles Red Scarlet Lisa Romagnoli
La Folia C100 Adam Grannick
Time to Come Red One MX Sam Abbas
El Diable de Cadaques Red One MX Jonathan Crayford
Rhapsody in Blue Red Scarlet Difan Wu
Bolder Red Scarlet Joseph Rishe
Speechless Red Scarlet Joshua Payne
Redeploy Red Scarlet Nuria Dixon
Grey Dawn Red One MX Clayton Broomes
Red Monday's and Turquoise Twos Red Scarlet Mrinalini D.S.
Future Assassin Alexa Studio Yunus Shahul
King of Oneiros Red Scarlet Dylan Howard
Eulogy Red Scarlet Zachary Baum
Maneula Red One MX Carlos Baptista
Remember to Forget Red Scarlet Antonio LeFosse
Stuck Red Scarlet Patricio Carrera
Denial Red Epic Yunus Shahul
Unrequited Love Red One MX Yunus Shahul
Firebird Red One MX Zachary Baum